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Aruba Innovation Summit


August 2022

The 3rd Aruba Innovation Summit, held on August 31st, centered around the theme of 'The New Era of Reinvention' and attracted 300 attendees. It aimed to resonate with individuals on a personal level while underlining the business importance of reinvention, offering motivation to employees seeking personal growth, students exploring career paths, and professionals adapting post-Covid-19. The summit featured renowned international speakers like Danilo Weiner of Mastercard and Rowena Marin of Google, fostering discussions on the power of reinvention. Local panelists, including Larissa Bermudez, Herrick Henriquez, Naline Heilbron, George Bislip, Zaida Everon, and Charisse Hoen, shared their unique reinvention journeys, creating an interactive experience. A key achievement of the summit was inspiring individuals transitioning from the pandemic, highlighting the continuous nature of reinvention for personal and professional development.

Additionally, during the summit, Futura and Mastercard solidified a collaborative partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), aiming to drive payments innovation and financial inclusion in Aruba. This partnership integrates Futura into Mastercard's City Possible network, providing access to resources for digital transformation and innovation within the community. This collaboration signifies Aruba's potential as a global player, opening doors to diverse networks and numerous opportunities.

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