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Covid-19 General Support


Strategic Partner



During the weeks leading up to the COVID-19 crisis in Aruba, Futura anticipated and prepared for the potential COVID-19 impact. Futura shifted its priorities to focus on supporting the Government as needed during the early and most difficult stages of the crisis. Being a digital-first organization, Futura was able to quickly pivot into a crisis innovation lab when the crisis hit to support the Government during this time of need in the interest of the general public. The following are the main projects and initiatives that Futura actively participated in, executed, advised on, and/or led during the second quarter of 2020.


Assisted the Government with collecting and organizing initial advice and recommendations, leading stakeholder consultations, conducted extensive research and project and document management to facilitate the preparation of a short term emergency stimulus package with special focus on the removal of red tape, stimulation of innovation, and new sectors, preparation of a draft website


Futura provided a team member as a part-time advisor and Crisis Coordinator to the Minister of Health in order to support DVG during the crisis with innovative project management and coordination. Additionally, Futura provided tech and communication support to DVG (i.e. tablets to digitize the intake process for people quarantined and the development of informative videos with tips and awareness for the prevention of further virus spread.


Futura in collaboration with Setar advised on and helped launch the digital solution for a national COVID-19 quarantine tracking and management platform. Futura initiated key conversations among stakeholders to develop an app, provided high-level communication, technology, and UX/design advice. Further, Futura connected the relevant stakeholders with each other in a liaison role. A digital solution was designed for the DVG. The platform helped DVG to better control and curb the community spread of COVID-19 on the island during the early stages of the crisis and thus averted a health crisis.


Futura facilitated the Crisis Team with the design (UX, infographics, etc.) and the development of a highly customized interactive data dashboard to monitor daily COVID-19 statistics and to forecast case development. This dashboard was developed to support the Government of Aruba’s Crisis Team and relevant stakeholders to make data-driven decisions.


Futura conducted numerous meetings with school boards and the Department of Education to identify the needs and challenges with homeschooling and online education during the crisis. Futura researched and recommended the setup of a digital help desk to support teachers with online resources, training, and software for online education.


Futura, in collaboration with VDA, NCTVI, and other key stakeholders, developed in-depth best practices and guidelines for cybersecurity and working from home tips for the Government. Further, Futura shared extensive cybersecurity tips for remote workers across all its social media channels.


Futura in collaboration with the District 297 platform of Arubans living abroad designed an app where the community can voluntarily and anonymously report their symptoms and get needed emotional support.


As part of the National Recovery and Innovation Committee, a Task Force Wage Subsidy was instituted to facilitate the seamless payment of wage subsidy (“loonsubsidie”) to SMEs using digital tools. Considering the short timeframe to execute this important payment, the Government requested Futura to support Innovative Project Management by adopting an agile and innovative way of executing the project. Futura further was asked to lead the (digital) communication strategy for the project and set up a virtual helpdesk, in line with the Government’s e-Government vision and principles.


Futura was requested to undertake high-level research on the telemedicine sector for potential innovation opportunities for Aruba and to advise on potential opportunities for realistic immediate-term telemedicine implementation during the crisis. Initial research findings were shared with the Government.

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