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eLearning Pilot Projects

Launched in early 2019, the e-Learning pilot project aims to introduce students to 21st Century Skills development from an early age and serves as an accelerator for the implementation
of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). After a successful implementation of the digital infrastructure at Cacique Macuarima and Aterima in 2019, 4 classrooms were destroyed in 2020 in a fire, and therefore equipment was lost. With help from Futura and partners from all sectors in Aruba, Cacique Macuarima School officially reopened 4 fully refurbished classrooms in October, equipped with 4 new eBoards as part of our ongoing partnership for the eLearning Pilot Project.

In addition to eBoards, the Pilot Project includes Chromebooks and VR Equipment in the classrooms to stimulate an interactive learning environment. The project supports the objectives of the Plan Educacion Nacional 2030 (PEN) and was designed and implemented with the necessary stakeholders in the education sector, including the Ministry of Education.

The e-Learning Pilot project II, at Colegio Pastoor Kranwinkel, offers a second elementary school student a more advanced and personalized learning experience. While incorporating lessons learned and feedback from the first Pilot, the project will once again aim to create an interactive and stimulating digital environment, and a playful learning experience, while developing 21st-century skills.

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