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EPI X FUTURA Leadership Course

In 2021, Futura and Colegio EPI collaborated for year 2 and year 3 EPI students’ Leadership Program. Futura partnered with EPI to help students design and prepare and design new projects, work in teams, use design thinking as a tool, and present concepts in an innovative way.

Third year EPI Students were presented with 3 Futura projects: SuperNova, 100 Innovations Academy, and Discarded Devices, and got the opportunity to choose to work on 1 of these projects and come up with ideas and new conceptsfor them. After two weeks of work, the students presented their ideas for SuperNova, 100 Innovations Academy, and Discarded Devices (now named Re-Tech) in a very successful final presentation to the Futura team and entire EPI third-year students of the Hospitality sector last week.

As for the Second year EPI students, throughout two weeks, the students were divided into groups and assigned the task to come up with innovative projects and ideas for the next edition of the Immerse Week, coming up in November 2021. The program ended with each group presenting their project ideas to the Futura team. Students came up with programs for awareness of mental health, sexual & drug education, agriculture, and much more.

We look forward to executing some of these above-mentioned projects with the help of EPI students during Immerse Week!

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