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Futura Café


November, 2019

Futura Café was launched during Immerse Innovation Week. The creative hub hosted various key meetings, workshops and events. Located in the heart of downtown Oranjestad, Futura Café offered meeting spaces, workshop spaces and brainstorm rooms, as well as study spaces for students and life- long learners. Futura Café was brought to life in collaboration with AREA Aruba Re-Imagined Areas, a platform with the aim to ignite economic activity in the city centers of Aruba. The Futura Café project served as a case study and stems from the outcome of a survey conducted in 2019 on how to solve challenges facing the main street Oranjestad. One of the key findings of the main street Oranjestad survey was the need for more F&B business in the area. Aside from serving as a creative hub, Futura Café will provide valuable data that could help support policy making in the future.

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