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Global Money Week

Global Money Week, also referred to as Feria di Educacion Financiero, is a global awareness program to teach kids the principles of finances/money in a playful way. In November 2018, and April 2019 kids from various elementary schools on the island learned about how to earn, save, spend, give back and innovate. The program empowers children and youth not only to learn to manage their finances wisely, but also to help them transfer their knowledge to their families and communities. Futura collaborated with the Central Bank of Aruba and many other financial and non-financial stakeholders to organize the first and second editions of the Aruba Money Week. In 2018 Futura introduced the participating kids to digital currency, and in 2019 Futura hosted the innovate station, were participants learned the latest about money and digital currencies through gamifaction.

Stay tuned for the 2023 Global Money Week which will be done in an innovative way!

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