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Mo-B & B-Lab: PPE Support

In collaboration with partners, Mo-B Lab and B-Labs managed by Futura’s partner Metabolic Foundation refocused resources including its 3D printers, and also activated personal 3D printers within their network in the wake of COVID-19 to manufacture scarce and much needed protective gear and supplies for health care providers and other front liners. Futura assisted in the allocation of additional resources and liaising with stakeholders and the Government were needed to facilitate the production and distribution of protective gear and supplies that were in short supply at the time. The labs and volunteers worked around the clock day and night in shifts to meet the supply shortages during the height of the crisis. During this difficult time, as you can imagine there was a need for collaboration. It has to be highlighted that as resources were becoming scarce, the amazing team at Guardian Group Dutch Caribbean reached out, provided a helping hand, and offered to help fund this initiative allowing us to expand our capacity when the community needed it most to supply protective equipment.


Collaborated with various partners to increase production capabilities
Manufactured 320 caps, 70 masks, and 1072 shields

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