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Science Fair: FuturaXMariaCollege

The Science Fair hosted by Maria College on the topic of “Build with Nature” was introduced to a total of eight (8) 3rd year classrooms.

The main topic “Build with Nature” consisted of 6 subthemes including:

Travel (sustainability)
Supplies (materials)
The main goal of the Science Fair was for the students to learn something that is both beneficial to humans as to nature. The students will receive courses throughout the second semester on topics that are relevant to their research topics. These include greenhouse gasses, weather, and air pressure systems in Geography, pH balances in Chemistry.

The projects aim to create awareness of the issues our planet faces due to climate change and provide the opportunity for students to create a greater understanding and possible solutions. In total 208 students, split into groups of four (4), submitted and presented a total of 52 projects, where a panel selected a top 3 for a Final Presentation to the Prime Minister of Aruba, the Minister of Education, the Futura Team, and a panel of expert judges.

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