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SDG Games


June, 2019

SDG Games was a pilot program that targeted 1-3 elementary schools, grades 5 and 6 ages of (10 and 13) to raise awareness for the SDG’s. The schools were in the districts of Dakota, Tanki Leendeert, and Paradera. The SDGs were presented in the form of the traditional Game of the Goose (Ganzenbord). The program kicked off with a 5-minute introductory video about the SDGs simplified for kids and was followed by the board game and concluded with an outro video transforming the SDG concept into more actionable points for kids. At the end of the game, kids answered two questions electronically on which SDG they feel is most important to them and what will they do to achieve it by 2030. Every student received a sticker as prize for participation and the winner of each group received an SDG Superhero sticker.

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