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Supernova's Second Annual Self-Love Event


February 2022

Supernova brought together a dynamic group of women who previously organized a groundbreaking event in 2021. Their mission was to inspire women of all ages to embark on a deliberate and personalized self-love journey.
In February 2022, the second edition of "Celebrating Self-Love" took place at Cas di Brenchi's, attracting 90 women aged 20-60 to a free seminar hosted by Futura & Paper Sisters. The event underscored the significance of cultivating self-love consciously, equipping attendees with valuable insights and tools to do so.

Our distinguished speakers delved into topics such as the essence of self-love, differentiating between self-love, selfishness, and self-sabotage, the power of journaling one's journey, fostering positive habits, embracing mindfulness, harnessing the art of manifestation, exploring spirituality, and nourishing the body through nutrition.

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